Apple under pressure

It is striking that several European governments are limited in rolling out digitization by Apple strong headed refusal to play nice on NFC access. This has far greater implications than Apple Pay which can be reduced to a simple question of market access and competition. What this is really about in digitization and has implications on aspects like terror financing and money laundry generally. So a lot of not so nice people probably loves Apples stance here. And it has absolutely nothing to with security which is Apples normal refuge when this is discussed.

Yes, thats not news is it ?

As we know visual inspection of identity credentials are close to impossible. You are of cause able to catch stupid forgeries done by lazy forgers, this applies even for the so called AI powered solutions available. This is a huge challenge and danger to society. Behind this you will find a specter from pretty harmless cases and at the other end you will find organized crime and terror organizations. It is gratifying that what we provide can mitigate this in an low impact and a low cost solution which is bullet proof. Read more here article in Norwegian.

We are ready of cause..

Deep fakes has become a real threat toward most of the commonly used remote enrollment platforms. Lets face it most of them are not even resistant to semi advanced photo shop manipulation of documents. Things get even worse when you try to match the supposedly genuine document with the person supposedly presenting them, most if not all will be fooled by a simple photo, a simple paper mask or a video playback. Some use 3D modeling which are far from foolproof and cumbersome to use in the best of situations. What we provide can not be fooled by photo shop as we provide a fully digital signed validation method and the document matching to the person presenting them is not being fooled by anything that is currently present or anything likely to being present in the foreseeable future.

Norwegian bank will revolutionise international identification

Jannicke Birkevold, manager IDmee and Ørjan Bagn, head of Channels for Large Corporates in DNB. Photo: Stig B. Fiksdal

With technology from IDmee the Norwegian bank DNB is hoping to revolutionise how businesses identify people all over the world. The technology is path-breaking and complex, but accessible in a easy to use solution for the user.

In just a couple of few weeks on 11th June, the Norwegian bank DNB will release their identification app called DNB ID, using technology from IDmee.

“We are really looking forward to this first release, and hopefully we are going to revolutionise identification across the world”, says Ørjan Bagn, head of Channels for Large Corporates in DNB.

“The software development kit (SDK) provided by IDmee provides us with complex technology in an easily integrated package. Being IDmee`s first customer, we have worked closely together throughout the whole process, ensuring every aspect of the solution is working as planned, and so it does”, says Ørjan.

In connection with customer on-boarding, KYC/AML, investments, real-estate and other processes in need of proper identification, DNB complete over 80.000 passport based identifications each year. The new solution DNB ID will identify people by using a mobile phone, a passport and their own face. The app helps the user throughout the process, with step by step explanations.


Screenshots from DNB ID prototype on a Samsung S8. Photo: Samsung and DNB

“We have developed a path-breaking technology, allowing safe digital identification. IDmee makes it possible for anyone having a biometrical passport and a NFC Mobile phone to do a digital identification. The technology in IDmee uses NFC technology to read the information stored in your passport, and then we use facial recognition technology to combine the user and the passport”, explains Jannicke Birkevold, manager for IDmee.

IDmee and DNB have worked closely on the first solution using IDmee Technology. Photo: Stig B. Fiksdal

IDmee is an entrepreneurial business providing identification technology to any business needing to easily and safely identify people. “DNB is Norway’s largest financial institution, and we are so excited to have them as our first customer”, says Jannicke.

As an end note Jannicke adds “It seems that we have hit a nerve in the market with this technology. There are over 100 countries issuing biometrical passports, and companies from all over the world have made contact with us. We are now in dialogue with several to see how our technology can solve their problems.”