What is IDmee?

IDmee provides a convenient and secure way to identify your customers. The solution is a pure SAAS service with no on the premises footprint.

The solution enables a secure remote enrollment which arguably more secure and tamper proof than traditional face to face on boarding.

We support both IOS and Android and there are no additional requirements for additional hardware.


  • Scans and reads the passport with an NFC enabled mobile phone.
  • Validates that the person performing the process is the person which the document was issued to and is a bona fide real person.
  • Ensures that the information is transmitted in a secure manner.

How does it work?

We provide a simple SDK which can be easily be integrated into your current or new mobile app. We also provide a model where you can buy this as an service from aggregator or you can indeed become an aggreator yourself providing this service for other parties. An aggreator is somebody who have a wide app presence and acts like an landlord offering you the option of avoiding the distribution challenge for mobile apps please refer to  Handover

For further information on how to integrate this in your solution please visit https://www.idmee.no/how-to-implement-technical-overview/