Data anonymity

Idmee uses the information which a government authority has added to your passport. The full non anonym set is only available.

  • In the app for display purposes and will be wiped immediately from the phone.
  • Submitted by a secure back channel to the qualified institution owning the app. This does not apply to our demo app where this set is not submitted to anybody.

In addition a set is kept by idmee where the personal data has been anonymized. A sample of this record is shown below where _ is the masking value.

  • Masked social security number, example “00____00”
  • Masked document number, example “______EN01”
  • Document type, no masking, example “P”
  • Masked first name, example “J_____”
  • Unmasked last name, example “Smith”
  • Unmasked issuing country, example “GBR”
  • Unmasked nationality, example “GBR”
  • Masked date of birth, example “197___01”
  • Unmasked issuance date, example “2000-01-01 00:00:00”
  • Unmasked expiry date, example “2020-01-01 00:00:00”

This information makes it impossible to identify the subject and only provides value, which is the purpose, if you know the full data set and want to validate.