IOS version availability

Today we’re have a major announcement. Our solution will be available for iOS with the introduction of iOS13. This is major step forward for us and industry in general as it removes the pain point of having iOS users as second class citizens for secure remote enrollment.

Apple announced at their developer conference WWDC that in iOS 13 it will be possible to read ePassports and chipped identity cards. Our solution will replace older identity document verification technologies, for example OCR-based technologies, and will enable dropping face to face requirements in favor of online identity verification. As an added value this will significantly reduce the potential for identity theft and will make periodic validation something that can be enforced to a much larger extent than previously envisioned. As this happens with greater user convenience the value proposition should be obvious.

We are proud to have this up and running since Tuesday morning and we now have a working demo app and a very early alpha version of the SDK.

Our SDK in a vary simple demo app with custom look&feel
English look & feel


We will release a demo app in parallel to our existing Android version once permitted by Apple probably at the introduction of the public beta. Please confer with the timeline for information on this. This demo can unfortunately be made directly available on the play store but will have to be a closed test requiring us to specific inclusion of you in the test program.

Please understand that this is a limited and quite time consuming operation where we will do our best to cater interested parties but where we might have to prioritize the limited resources available (which is both the max number of seats available and realizable overhead on managing these seats).

In September the demo app will be freely available on the app store and we apologize that we are unable to do this quicker but this is determined by Apple and their schedule and thus beyond our control.

We plan to make our SDK available to our customers well before September and will make an alpha version available subject to specific commercial arrangements around the introduction of the public beta.

Please understand that this will be at a very early stage due to a fluctuating platform and thus will require an agreement of understanding until we have a more stable baseline to build on.

About Idmee

Idmee is fully owned by after being founded by

We provide a fully secure customer enrollment solution which is uniquely resistant to attacks in any form or shape based on NFC documents and matching of the party presenting the document to whom it was issued to. Needless to say this includes an unique high resistant to attempts to present a bona fide document without the actual party it was issued to present.

This is provided as an SAAS solution and literally requires 3 lines of code to implement in an application. For full customization (custom logo, colors etc) some configuration effort is required in addition.

In addition the solution support a on behalf or landlord concept. This makes it possible for an app owner to offer these services to others in a fully secure manner. This makes it possible for a party to buy this as an service from a provider that have a footprint on user devices and thus removing this pain point. Similar this makes it possible for such an actor to offer this service for revenue or as a part of an strategic cooperation in the market with these parties.

Timelines iOS 13

We expect the below timelines till the full release

  • June 2019: Developer beta iOS 13 limited to registered developers.
  • July-August 2019: Public beta iOS 13 accessible to the public at large at request.
  • Early September: iOS 13 will be introduced as the new iOS version and all devices eligible for update.

questions or request ?

Please contact us using the contact widget on the screen or by email at contact us at

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Apple under pressure

It is striking that several European governments are limited in rolling out digitization by Apple strong headed refusal to play nice on NFC access. This has far greater implications than Apple Pay which can be reduced to a simple question of market access and competition. What this is really about in digitization and has implications on aspects like terror financing and money laundry generally. So a lot of not so nice people probably loves Apples stance here. And it has absolutely nothing to with security which is Apples normal refuge when this is discussed.

Yes, thats not news is it ?

As we know visual inspection of identity credentials are close to impossible. You are of cause able to catch stupid forgeries done by lazy forgers, this applies even for the so called AI powered solutions available. This is a huge challenge and danger to society. Behind this you will find a specter from pretty harmless cases and at the other end you will find organized crime and terror organizations. It is gratifying that what we provide can mitigate this in an low impact and a low cost solution which is bullet proof. Read more here article in Norwegian.