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Now you can show the bank your passport from home

DNB has developed IDmee, a service that means you do not have to meet in person to verify your identity using your passport.

DNB has developed a brand new, cutting-edge and secure solution for digital identification by passport. IDmee enables anyone who has a passport with a chip and a mobile phone with NFC to identify him/herself digitally. IDmee scans the passport, checks that the person carrying out the process is the rightful owner of the passport and ensures that the information is transmitted in a secure manner.

More than 100 countries issue passports with a chip. This means that IDmee can enable people all over the world to use their passport to verify their identity without having to meet in person.

IDmee may, for example, allow foreigners who are moving to Norway to establish a customer relationship in a Norwegian bank, apply for a work permit or complete other processes that require identification by passport – in good time before they come here. The solution will also be useful for people who live far from the nearest bank office. Today, potential customers have to show up in person and present their passport to verify their identity before establishing a customer relationship in a Norwegian bank for the first time. I DNB alone, there are about 85 000 such verifications each year. Now, it will be possible to do this from the comfort of home.

It was DNB’s own developers, Jannicke Birkevold and Ronny Kahn, who came up with the idea for the solution.
“In line with DNB’s strategy to cooperate with fintech companies, we have found partners that provide parts of the technology we need, though we are responsible for the solution,” says Birkevold and gives credit both to the partner companies and to her colleague Ronny Kahn, whom she describes as one of Norway’s best in this field.

The solution is based on NFC (Near Field Communication) technology. Therefore, it will initially only be possible to use it on Android phones, i.e. not on iPhones.
“We think, however, that it is only a matter of time before Apple also opens up for using this technology in their phones,” says Birkevold.

IDmee is established as a separate subsidiary of the DNB Group, as the intention is to sell the solution to others. Birkevold is managing director of the company, while Kahn is responsible for the technical solution and security aspects. The target group is anyone who needs a means of secure identification of customers, such as other banks, tourism operators, public authorities and businesses.

“We believe that others will be interested in IDmee primarily because it will make everyday life easier for the customers, but also because it will make it easier to meet the authorities’ ever more stringent identification requirements. Birkevold has already noted that other banks – both nationally and internationally – are showing an interest in making use of the solution.

“We are already talking with several banks that are interested in the solution, but naturally, DNB is likely to be the first bank to make use of IDmee, and thus make identification by passport radically easier,” she concludes.

Forfatter: Ronny Khan


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